ALLOVER5 Festival will take attractions to New York City’s 5 boroughs and bring together Brazilian food and literature.

With events in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, the festival invites the Brazilian writers Ana Paula Oliveira, Ana Rüsche and Francesca Cricelli, as well as the translator and literary critic Caroline Micaelia, to take part in the public readings and talks.
The events will be presented by Maurício Schuartz, lead of the TV show “Chefs na rua”, from Sony Brasil Channel. A few brazilian chefs will also be present, with them the pastry chef Lucas Corazza, the chocolatier Arcelia Galardo and Marcelo Nastari, author of the book “Grão-Vizir: your guide to herbs, spices and masalas”.

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.It will be a great chance to taste good words and food in the city!

The festival will take place in the end of spring, from June 12th to 18th 2017.

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