authors & chefs

Who we are? A team of very enthusiastic friends, writers, tv host and chefs.

We want to make the very first festival of Brazilian Food and Literature Festival in NYC and bring to NYC’s 5 boroughs a mix of Brazilian gastronomy and contemporary literature written by women...


Maurício Schartz, a passionate man who has brought a new experience of street food and culture under a contemporary light. Maurício has founded the Kqi Produções , he has a multidisciplinary background education, both the most prestigious Law School in Brazil (Largo São Francisco – USP) and cultural production. He is the creator of the project Chefs na rua (Street chefs) that took place in São Paulo in 2012. He has then workded with numerous projects in Brazil and has been in invited as aspeak at the Street Helsinki and has also represented Brazil in the World Street Food Congress. Since 2015 he is a TV host at Sony Channel Brazil with this show Chefs na rua, he travels the world seeking for the best places to eat street food in the most diverse cities in the planet, from New York to Singapore.

Ana Rüsche, a multitalented woman, a writer, a teacher and speaker, an academic and a beer sommelier. Ana has published four poetry books: “Rasgada” (Quinze & Trinta, São Paulo: 2005), translated and published in Mexico (Limón Partido, Mexico City, 2008, translated by Alberto Trejo and Alan Mills), “Sarabanda” (Demônio Negro, São Paulo: 2007), later re-published by Patuá (São Paulo, 2013), “Nós que Adoramos um Documentário”, funded by ProAC (Ourivesaria da Palavra, São Paulo: 2010) and “Furiosa” (São Paulo, 2016). She has one published novel, Acordados (Amauta, Brasil: 2007), also funded by PAC, Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo. She holds a PhD in Cultural Studies with the thesis Utopia, feminism and resignation (FFLCH-USP). She also holds a master degree in International Law and a Law major by the same University of São Paulo. She is professionally trained as a beer sommelier and has written pieces on the subject: Quando uma mulher decide fazer cerveja [When a woman decides to make beer], for Revista Vida Simples, August 2014 and De bar em bar – um guia sobre cervejas artesanais em Nova York [From pub to pub – a guide about artisanal beer in New York], for Have a Nice Beer Magazine, November 2014). She lives with her dog, she makes her own bread and her own beer.

Francesca Cricelli, a multicultural poet, translator and researcher. Born in Brazil and brought up scattered around the globe: Italy, Malaysia, Spain, India and Mexico. She graduated from the University of Florence (Italy), holds MAs in Political Sciences from the University of São Paulo (Brazil). From studying Von Clausewitz’s war strategies she turned to poetry, literary translation and love letters. She has published the poetry books Repátria (Selo Demônio Negro, 2015), Tudo que toca o olhar (Casa Impressora Almería, 2013) and organized, translated and published the letters of Giuseppe Ungaretti and Edoardo Bizzarri, Cartas/Lettere 66-68 (Scriptorium, 2013). Francesca is a PhD researcher in Translation Studies at the University of São Paulo, where she works on the love letters of Giuseppe Ungaretti to Bruna Bianco. The book is coming out in the fall by Mondadori. She was the curator of the exhibition and literary convention De uma estrela a outra at Casa das Rosas (São Paulo), celebrating the presence of Italian literature in Brazil. She currently teaches at the research center for Translations Studies Casa Guilherme de Almeida, in São Paulo (Brazil). Francesca has attended many international poetry festivals, recently in Nicaragua, China, Turkey and Italy, her poems have been translated into English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Malayalam, French.

Ana Paula Oliveira, a journalist, writer and ghostwriter. Currently, she attends a master’s degree on autobiographical writing at the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences of University of São Paulo (FFLCH-USP). She holds an undergraduate degree in Journalism (Faculdade Cásper Líbero, 2005) and she also attended a specialization in nonfiction-novel offered by the Academia Brasileira de Jornalismo Literário – ABJL (2007). In 2016, Ana Paula created the literary workshop “Does your life inspire a book?” in which she shares techniques used by professional writers with people who wants  write their own history. Before working as a freelance writer, she was a web coordinator at Fundação Padre Anchieta (TV Cultura) and the coordinator of LivroClip Project, recognized as one of the five best initiatives of encouraging reading in the São Paulo by the Culture Department of the Government of the State in 2007. Her poems and short narratives are scattered and were published in independent magazines and literary websites.

Caroline Micaelia
, a young talented translator, literary critic and editor. With an undergraduate degree in Languages and Literature (major in French, minor in Portuguese) from both the University of São Paulo and the Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), she is currently attending her Masters on Translation Studies (University of São Paulo), focused on the works of the french poet Stéphane Mallarmé. She has translated and published texts of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Carlos Schilling, Emiliano Baigorri Theyler, Mallarmé, Charline Coupeau. Her studies on the critical works of Mallarmé and on the poetical works of Reuben da Rocha (Brazil) were published in Brazilian academic journals, this last one under her own edition, in the publication named Cisma (specialized in literary criticism and translation). Micaelia has worked in São Paulo’s 30th Biennial of Contemporary Art as an art-educator.


Arcelia Gallardo is a teacher, consultant, and chocolate makers. A native Californian, she has worked for 14 years with chocolate and has been living in São Paulo for the last few years.  She has an excellent curriculum both in the area of ​​making chocolate from bean-to-bar and as a chocolatier. Owner of Mission Chocolate, Arcelia is promoting some incredible chocolate making and chocolate tasting courses in São Paulo and her story has been published in the national newspaper, Estadão, and she participated and won in a desserts competition on the Brazilian national tv show Que Se Doce on GNT.  In recent years, she has visited several cocoa farms and many chocolate factories in a total of 23 countries to learn the entire chocolate making process, from the cultivation to the final product. During her visits to Latin American countries, Arcelia takes the time to volunteer and teaches indigenous women to make chocolate with their native cacao. The last three years she has been focused in working with Brazilian cocoa and talked with those involved in the process of growing, fermenting and drying, which are very important stages in the development of the flavor. Earlier this year, she attended the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle, where she sold only chocolates with Brazilian cacao and native Brazilian ingredients.


Lucas Corazza, our pastry chef! Over 16 years of experience in patisserie, Corazza has gone through kitchens of great chefs like Mara Mello and Henri Schaëfer, to whom he owes all his passion for French patisserie, and Alex Atala and Bel Coelho, known for valuing brazilian ingredients, concept that he believes and practices on his job. To expand his pastry techniques, always in constant updating, the chef has specialized in patisserie in France and more recently with Mellissa Coppel, in Las Vegas. In addition to participating in events and teaching in courses all over the country, Lucas is also the jury of the Que Seja Doce, a TV show in GNT channel, handles the Chocólatras Solidários, a social project with the sales in favor of charities institution, and recently launched its youtube channel to democratize the access to patisserie and demystify the universe of candy teaching techniques and recipes.


Marcelo Nastari created the spicy Grão-Vizir Especiarias, a brand for seasonings,antipasti and other gastronomic products. In the early 2000s, he had his first contacts with Indian cuisine. But it was only in 2004 that he began his research on spices, herbs and spice blends that were not found in the Brazilian market. A year later he started producing masalas according to the Indian tradition. Indian masalas are the highlight of Grão-Vizir, and are among the most popular spices of his brand: Madras Curry, Garam Masala, Kashmir Masala, Panch Phoron Rajasthani, Tandoori Masala and Tchai Masala. The brand also sells masalas of Arab origin, such as Zatatar and La Kama, and Chinese, as the Chinese spices. With his business growth and the increase of his culinary research, family recipes were rescued. In May 2010, Grão-Vizir Especiarias gained its own headquarters, opened to the public in the neighborhood of Vila Romana, in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2017, Marcelo Nastari is preparing the release of his first book, Grão-Vizir: your guide to herbs, spices and masalas by Carapaça Edições, and the e-book edition is going to be published by Estratosfera.